Bream Head WW2 Radar Station

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Te Whara Track

The Te Whara Track forms a series of walks near the Whangarei Heads in Northland New Zealand the walks are through stunning native bush and most of the tracks are well maintained and suitable in most conditions however there are sections that can turn to mud in adverse conditions, the walks are a mix of gentle gradients to extremely steep in some places, through out the walks you are rewarded with stunning views out across the ocean, the highest point at the summit is just under 500 metres.

This section of the track starts at Ocean Beach carpark at the end of Ranui Street, the track starts by following the beach walk and then follow the orange arrows, the first section is through open grassland that starts of on a gentle gradient and then a relentless long climb up the mountain when you need a rest turn around and take in the fantastic views up the coast there are numerous Islands to view from the Mokohinaus and around the Hen and Chicken Islands.

The climb to the Historic World War 2 Radar Station takes around 45 minutes, the radar station was built in 1942 as the location had a strategic view out across the open ocean, the station is perched on the cliff side with uninterrupted field of view so the radar could pick up any enemy ships approaching the Whangarei Harbor, there were also barracks built near by to house the workers and the inhabitants of the radar station, to this day only the base of the radar remains and the footings of the accommodation block.

From the radar station the summit is around a 30 minute walk there are a few locations on the accent with stunning views out accross the ocean, there is a section of the track here that is not maintained and in adverse conditions can be very muddy, once through this section the track now steepens and a long section of very steep steps will take you to the summit at just under 500 metres from sea level, at the summit there is a junction of tracks, to the left there is short walk out to a massive rock you can climb the rock for 360 degres view of Whangarei and the Northland coastline.

Following the track through from the top juction is a loop walk through some stunning rock formations this track decends down the other side of the mountaion to join the Peach Cove track, you can head to Peach Cove or turn right at the lower track junction and this will take you back to the Peach Cove carpark, from the carpark there is only a short walk back down the road to the Ocean Beach carpark, the walk down to Peach Cove is very steep and a basic level of fitness is required to walk back up from the Cove.

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