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    Karamatura Falls Huia

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    Karamatura Falls Huia

    Karamatura Falls2The Karamatura Falls are a fifteen metre high cascade type water fall located at the southern end of the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park around one hour from Auckland City, the falls track carpark is just before Huia on the Northern shores of the Manukau Harbour.

    The walk is on a loop track and starts of with the Karamatura Track and around five minutes into the walk you arrive at a fork this is the start of the Mount Donald Mclean Track that takes you to the summit around an eleven hour walk, the Karamatura Loop is the next fork past this one.

    You have two choices to which way you can go, we went to the left on the loop and this takes you on a climb up the mountain side and through some beautiful native bush with ferns, Kauri and other native trees mixed in, at the highest point on the walk there is a look out to the right hand side giving you a view back down into the valley and a rocky bluff directly in front. 

    From the look out the track winds back down the mountain side to river level and this is where the loop track takes you back to the carpark, on the left hand side is a side track marked Karamatura Falls and this part of the walk is alot more difficult than the one you were just on, parts of this track are steep and filled with muddy holes and plenty of exposed tree roots.

    From the end of the loop turn around the falls are around fifteen more minutes of walking, and this track is interesting and will keep you alert as the steep sections can be very slippery more so when you return and walk back down hill, once at the falls you need to clamber down a rock bank, cross the top of a small water fall and clamber around more rocks to get a good view of the falls that drop down from above.

    The walk to the Karamatura Falls from the carpark is around forty five minutes, back at the loop turn around are two more tracks the Tom Thumb and the Twin Peaks Track, the Tom Thumb track takes you up to a rocky bluff, and you need to cross over the Karamatura Stream to access the track, this is a great walk for the family of around one and a half hours return and the challenging last section to the falls just makes the walk that more interesting.

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